Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stress over the Holidays

As a self emlpoyed artist, the stressors of daily living seem to pile up real quick: family, work,  doctors visits, children ( they seem to always need to eat dont they?) car repairs, cleaning, creating, managing, promoting your craft, craft shows, learning new techniques ad infinitum.

So whats a gal to do?  I prefer to continue to work until I am so exhausted I bite everyone's head off or fall into exhaustion.  I realised last year this was not the way to handle it ( for me)  It may work for you though heheh.

I have learned to break projects into manageable bits  and write them on a day planner so I can see progress.  If it is all swirly in my head, I get confuddled and make mistakes.  I also have a stressor on a subconcious level.  Therefore, writing it down takes the stress away.

Meditation is another way that I relieve stress.  Even if you do it for five minute increments throughout the day, it helps you focus on your breathing, lowering your heart rate and becoming in tune to the world around you.   I have visualized  a dark crevice and go there, feeling and being one with the world even if for a bit. Amazingly refreshing.

I try to avoid toxic people or snarky threads cus I get sucked into those always.  I am a wet paint toucher.   I find that not letting my expectations exceed my limitations helps as well.  "an unexamined life is not worth living"  is a truth I believe in.  I know that today is going to be my past tomorrow and I will not get it back. How do I want to spend those precious 24 hours?

Sales are important, but not to the point that I cannot create.  I have spent more time lately promoting and working with others than I have in solitude with my gems and metals.  I  am planning on spending more time with that and listing ( I go in spurts) Unpacking my studio after the move, I was so excited touching the stones .... that is sad that I have neglected my friends.  They give me purpose and comfort in creating.  So that is what I focus on in these times.

So how do you deal with it?


  1. I usually put the walking shoes on and go for a walk with my dog. It's good to get out in the fresh air, it clears your head and who can't enjoy a beautiful day in Texas. My dog needs the exercise too. He is happy now.

  2. ah yes Christmas time ine in Southern Texas is fab! I dont mind a bit of cold but I would hate to live anywhere else! great idea about walking; would make me lose some weight I think.

  3. I'd love to be able to get out and walk in the cool Texas air, unfortunately because of my post-herpetic neuralgia and fibromyalgia and both react adversely to cool air rushing by them. They also pretty much keep me inside in my chair, otherwise, I cannot walk very well because of two knees that are slated to be replaced, right now the left one is bone-on-bone, the right one has a little more time.
    I de-stress by going to my "studio" and making jewelery - that's what I've got . . . that and movies, I LOVE old musicals and Hitchcock, I know, what a combo . . . just imagine North by Northwest as a musical - it's a distressing and de-stressing ;)LOL

  4. I enjoyed reading this blog. My artfire blog only pertains to recipes and love of chocolate. Oh and I did do a write up on Rambo, my dog. I need something to focus on other than business and making jewlery. As they say all work and no play makes a ?? I say it makes an unfullfilled life. I spend alot of time trying to promote my shop and really believe it does not work me for. I say trying because I am sorta clueless about it and dont know if I am doing it right. I have not seen sales from twitter or facebook and hardly any urls from them. Basically I just comment on other peoples comment and postings and throw in some listings I have. I am very focused on the holidays now as far as cooking and feel like my heart is in my stomach when it comes to a toss up of making jewlery or baking.