Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cow Girl Up... Rodeo Time Who has a chili recipe??

It is Rodeo time down here in Houston.... in between freak outs because it got cold for a couple of days, we have chili cook offs for the Livestock show and rodeos in Humble and Houston. 

I Never Ever make my chili the same way twice so I couldnt say what mine is.. prolly boring.   But I d like to hear yalls ..even yall northern folks and especially the folks to the west of us.  I heard NM and AZ has  some special kind of heat in their chilis.


  1. I have a version of that is awesome if I do say so myself.

    Instead of ground beef I use stew meat, instead of kidney beans I use black eyed peas, instead of plain tomato sauce I use home made spaghetti sauce.

    For spices I use some habanero peppers, a little bit of New Mexico Chile powder. It has heat, and my children both eat it.

  2. I like to make my chili in a crockpot. This method makes the stew meat very tender and besides the house smells wonderful all day long.

    I'm also very fond of white chili made with chicken and northern white beans.

  3. I use a tiny square of extra dark chocolate for every pound of meat. Oh - and about every type of pepper I can find, and fresh tomatoes. ;)


  4. Psst!

    I has a blog here and now I made a collection for Artfire Texas. :)