Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News From Artfire Staff

I recommend that everyone take a few minutes each day to 'Check In' and go visit Staff Announcements in the Forum.  We need to keep abreast of what Artfire is doing to help us and make the site the very best for us to sell our handiwork.

Some of the 'must read' topics under Staff Announcements are:

Marketing Changes for November by Tony

1) The goal for November for all marketing ( SEO, SMO, Common Good Partners, emails, paid ads, etc.) is 100 million impressions of ArtFire ads/items/pages or marketing messages.

2) 100% of net proceeds from new Pro Sign ups (over our current projection for November) will go to shopper marketing budget increases.  The more Pro's who sign up, the more money for marketing.

Holiday Stress by Tony

This is an excellent article especially for new members who are going to have their first "Holiday" season!

Shop Local Artisans On Artfire by Kevin -

Be sure and go to your "My Studio Location" under My Account and update you location.  We only have a few more days to update location before this is implemented.  This will be a big plus for each of us, giving local buyers the opportunity to purchase from us.

These are just few of the topics available and we need to stay up to date by reading new forum topics as they are published.  This will help you make good decisions for your studio.

The Artfire Staff is wonderful to work with.  They are very good at responding to our questions and working with us.

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  1. Thanks for taking this on. I don't have the slightest idea how to do it. Looks great!