Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to Texas Artfire Guild

This is our new blog for the Texas Artfire Guild.  We want to invite everyone in Texas who has a Studio on Artfire to join our Guild.

We are very proud of the creative abilities of Texans and want to share our products with the world!

In this day of "junk" from around world entering the United States, we want to offer unique, useful and decorative handiwork that will last a lifetime!

Mission Statement:

A community of Texan Artisans networking to create group success. To promote our handmade products and share ideas. To educate, teach and learn from each other. To share how to make, how to manage and how to market our unique and creative products with honor, charity and integrity.

Come join us and get started today promoting the best business practices and reaping the rewards from your hard work.


  1. Awesome! I just sent you an email asking about the logo..and there it is. Sweetness!

    Blog looks great!

    Thank you Betty!

  2. Awesome! I just sent you an email asking about the logo and there it is! Sweetness!

    The blog looks great.

    Thank you Betty

  3. thanks for doing this betty!!
    after last nights chat, I think we will see some more organization and teamwork. looking forward to the future!

  4. This is awesome and as soon as I get through the 45 day guide to setting up my studio, I will be well prepared to dive in. Thank you Betty for doing this.

  5. Betty, this is looking like a very nice blog! I wish lots of sales to all our Texas artisans.