Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yee Haw Happy New Year Yall!! Its our Contest time!!!!

Rose Pen Hand Turned and carved From JmMCoy

Earrings from TheGemmedGiraffe

Individualized carved key chain from CNewcomb

As yall know, our guild is becoming more vibrant and active, so we thought we would do a little contest to set things off for the New Year.

Our Guild Roster

Our members are participating in a scavenger hunt of sorts and we have fabulous prizes for the winner!   It's a collection of products from some our talented and generous Texans.

The way this works is YOU have to find the six flags that flew over Texas in our rebellious past.  They are flying as a widget/flag in the front page of 6 shops out of all of our guild members.  See roster here.    You have to submit your answers to us by January 31st.

BUT they have to be in order and which shop is flying that particular flag  (ie  cctexan3  _____flag) IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  So I reckon yall are going to learn a little Texas history while you are at it. 

Submissions should go to the Guildmaster in Artfire

We will keep them and  if there are more than one correct answer, we will randomize the submissions and let the computer draw the winner.

Please feel free to blog about this in your own blogs and twitters and facebook, we love attention!  let us know who you are and we will try to follow yall in kind.

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  God Bless Texas!!

lampwork and black beaded cha cha bracelet from cctexan3
Hemp Dog Collar from SonoraKays


  1. I ve posted a link here http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=forums&op=view_topic&tid=24524&topic_src=1

    for the forum thread in artfire, but this contest is open to anyone, friends family etc. ) exceptin us of course)

  2. We have a winner!! Lisa has won.. thanks to all who played. Please keep following us and we will have more fun coming ....