Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cow Girl Up... Rodeo Time Who has a chili recipe??

It is Rodeo time down here in Houston.... in between freak outs because it got cold for a couple of days, we have chili cook offs for the Livestock show and rodeos in Humble and Houston. 

I Never Ever make my chili the same way twice so I couldnt say what mine is.. prolly boring.   But I d like to hear yalls ..even yall northern folks and especially the folks to the west of us.  I heard NM and AZ has  some special kind of heat in their chilis.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We have a winner!!

Our guild Contest has come to an end..

we had five entrants who answered the question of which six flags flew over the Great State of Texas over a Five hundred year period... and which shops were flying these flags.  It took some detective work...

Lisa P is our winner!

We want to thank the other entrants: AndreaTJewelry was the qucikest entrant, Glasstastic Treasures, ValDawn, Jitme, and of course Lisa.  Thank you all who took time to learn about our heritage and our arts in our studios!  Yall come back, now ya here?