Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks To all for the Chat

I am so pleased the chat went so well ( all things considered with the platform) 

Before I forget, everyone needs to tag their items with Texasartfire so we can find one another's stuff and it will help with contests or sales/promos.

We did get some things hammered out for the organization of the guild, members who are strong in certain areas, and sharing our strengths, that will make it more fun to do this guild stuff as well. No one person is alone at this!

From what notes I took, here is a list of  who and what they want to do
  • ThunderMoon is our graphics designer
  • NorasNovelties   will be one of the lead curators of collections.  When we find out  about a collection for the guild, we all need to promote and twitter, comment and rate it. AND ask our friends to do so too.  Ask for retweets, reshares in your  promos.   Plus use the hashtag #texasartfire  when tweeting. 
  • CNewcomb is the contributor for twittering for dummies (Me!!)  Cus I don't know hardly anything about it myself and I gather many of ya'll don't either.   Thank you Chris!
  • PrissPotQuilts is going to be one of the thread starters (and boosters) for a weekly promo thread. We ALL need to promote in there.  It will be in the regular contest thread section.  Any help we can give her is much appreciate.

  • Chris is going to do a Facebook fan page for the guild.  I'd love a facebook regular page but only one can administer it and that would have to be a commitment.  Anyone up for that?
  • There is a group we did on Yahoo, for easier chatting. Contact Sherry's Jewels or Chris about getting in.  Sign up page here:
  • Betty (countrylady) is obviously our blog Queen and I so appreciate it.  As I understand it, there will be guest bloggers on all sorts of topics. so this thing should be a hopping.  I suggest you subscribe by emaito the blog and/or remember to check in daily here.  ( if ya want)
If you have suggestions for contests, promos or craft fairs,  post over in the yahoo.  I fear we will lose the forum posts when the new ones go up next year, so use the yahoo group for any new info.

I'm certain that I have left out some folks and I apologize. comment below so I know what areas you are willing to commit to.

We need:

1. An official emailer of collections, info and so on b/c not all members have time or skills to get to where they need to be.  Some of our group are very very ill but want to stay in the guild.  Some had closed down.  Therefore I have made a new email list and we all should have each others addys just for giggles.   But the official "info " person will send out the links, updates, whatever.  One of us will write it (like nora with the curation) or me with updates, and the Info Officer (LOL) will disseminate to the group.

2. Facebook /fan page?  who ever takes this job is the only one who can post under the AF tag and we want someone committed to spend at least a few minutes a day posting and letting us comment.

3. group for our photos (the more places we get seen the better)  use the texasartfire tag there also.


  1. Hello all, since I am really new to Artfire, I would like clarification on the tagging request. Is this a request to enter something in each one of our product entries?

  2. Okay, I figured out how to use the Global Editor and entered the tag to my current tags. I used a caps 'T'... Should I change it to small case 't'?? Sorry for so many questions.

  3. Don't think it matters. Try searching both ways and see if you get shops that are not in the Guild.