Thursday, November 18, 2010

More New Members! Welcome!

This is so exciting!  More new members to our Texas ArtFire Guild!

1.  Roxy And Things - Roxy says:  "I provide handmade, handcrafted, bridal, custom, vintage and vintage redesigned pieces to customers like you. All of my jewelry arrives at your door in special packaging, whether a gift for yourself or someone else."

Checkout these beautiful 14kt Gold Filled Earrings with Chunky Adventurine!

How about this one - Glass and Gemstone Multi-strand Neclace!

I absolutely love your 'torso' display!  I want one of those!

Lovely - Sterling Silver Breathe Bracelet!

2.  Polkadot Toadstool - Cherie says "My art is mostly in creating of characters in the form of art dolls, fantasy, or anything else I feel inspired to give a personality to:-) Recently I also started making miniatures."

Ohoo, how lovely - Dollhouse Doll Miniature Child in 1:12 scale one inch scale

So pretty - Fairy Queen or Goddess necklace in tan with some sparkles

Oh, no, the space aliens are here!  Miniature Space Alien in his spacecraft

3.  Dougal's Doo-Rags - Bio reads "My dogs love their bandanas, and soon people noticed the cool patterns and fabrics. I started making them for neighbors, friends and co-workers, and now I make them for you! I also make catnip pillows, using organic catnip. Kitties like to huggle the pillow while on a nip trip."

What a cutie this one is (dog and bandana)!  Snowflake Dog Bandana with easy Velcro close

 My cat would love these!  5 Animal Print Catnip Pillows

Love this one! Patriotic Flag Dog Bandana with east Velcro Close

4. Sonora Kay's Creations - Bio reads "I have been weaving dream catchers for about 10 years now, of all shapes and sizes. I also make jewelry from hemp, and I have recently taken up playing with beads and wire, which have been incorporated into my designs.

The dream catcher earrings and pendants are all hand woven with beading thread. I have been creating and selling my work for close to a decade now at craft shows, consignment shops, online, and by word of mouth."

These are so beautiful!  Holiday Pearl Necklace

Picked one I would love to own!  Antiqued Copper Earrings with Green Accents OOAK

Wire Dream Catcher Earrings

Well, I picked all the ones I want, now you go visit their shops and pick the ones you want!  Have fun visiting and be sure to add their studios to your Market.  And tweet those items you really love!

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