Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Yall, need some followers to the Texas artisan blog

Hey Yall, need some followers to the Texas artisan blog

Yep its a pity posting.  We have only 14 followers of our ginormous blog about the art scene, selling online, helping others and contests where you can cool prizes of hand crafted items like burled oak pens, gem stone jewelry, leather  cuffs ( dont ask) and other snazzy things.
We would love to have more followers, retweets and shares and I am not shameless when it comes to promoting other artists.

it is here , where ya standing reading this right now...hehe

I will personally giveaway a piece of my jewelry to one of the supporters of that blog.  You wont know what number, but we will put it in a randomizer and draw a name.  Goal is to get to 300 who are serious about life online selling, networking and who can read. LOL

Help us get there! Purdy Please.

there is a separate contest for who comments the most in a two month period.  Guild members are not eligible.

thanks yall!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the blog. I was not aware that we even had one.
    My blog is

  2. Perhaps this posting helped because we have 24 followers. Yeah! I will promote the Guild Blog in my next posting to my Artfire blog. I have two blogs so busy keeping them updated.

    My artfire blog is listed on the right with others blogs and my Blogspot is


  3. I am so glad the guild is becoming so active.

  4. Here I Yam! It's been a wild holiday - I'm selling stuff on Artfire and Etsy like crazy as well as the 1 show I did here in Burnet. So, with trying to restock my inventory (i.e., make more stuff) and the holidays I've been out of touch. But, things should slow down real soon!

  5. Joyce I had a great great aunt that used to live in Burnet. She has probably passed by now though. Her name was Willie Lumpkin. She used to work at the Dairy queen years ago.

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  7. Hey CC. When we finish the other interview. I want to interview you for the Texas Artfire Guild.

  8. Just finished the interview with cc on my Blogger blog, and my Artfire blog. Half of the interview is on blogger and the other half is on Artfire. You have to read both for the entire interview.

    Link to artfire blog

    blogger you have

  9. Hello, I'm a new guild member just wanted to stop by and introduce myself, My name is Cindy and I live in the DFW area. Thank you for accepting me into the guild! Do we have a button I can add to my artfire shop?

    I'm a new GFC follower of this blog.
    My Artfire and business name is CDowdle Designs, my blog name is Purple Froggie Clay Stuff.

    I will do a post about our guild on my blog as well, to help promote.

    Thank you,


  10. I have done a blog post to help promote our guild

  11. Oh I am so grateful some of yall are making such efforts to build OUR group up! we are united in the help and the future for our businesses. We have ppl in the guild who are technical folks, some graphic design types, some logical folks and a lot of great talent. I hpe chris is adding ppl to the side list here of our studios. if you arent on here, contact him in our yahoo group