Friday, November 5, 2010

Three New Members!

Special Welcome to our three new members so far this month!

1.  Sky Girl Card -  Beautiful cards that she mades with a Cricut diecut machine.

Left to right is a custom Thank You,  Pink Rose Love card, Fall Tree Thank You

She only has few but give her time to get Artfire figured out and please visit her shop and tweet your favorites!

2.  Viking Jones - Lovely handmade jewelry.    She used a woven technique for some of these lovelies, sounds verHere are a few that I love.

Left to right - Dragonscale Chainmaille Bracelet, Turkish Roundmaille Bracelet, Stepping Stones Chainmaille Bracelet

Be sure and Tweet your favorites in her shop!

3.  Lady Artisan - Beautiful handcrafted leather journals, leather matchbook notepad holders, and even a leather scroll pendant.  She also does custom items to fit your wants and needs.  My favorites are the Steampunk journals!

From left to right -Steampunk Jouranl Temporal Displacement Book 2, Steampunk Pamphlet - Time Respite Leather Journal, Faux Leather Scroll Pendant

What clever names!  Please visit her shop and Tweet your favorites!

Keep checking back as we get new members we will be doing posts about them!


  1. Thanks for showing me off :D It's great to be here!

  2. Nice to meet alla y'all, m'dearies! Lovely books and maille and cards !!!